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Individual or Family Participants

participants are registered by individuals or families for Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills worldwide in 2015.

4,280 of these participants are registered by 1,593 individuals or families for the 2015 New Zealand ShakeOut.

Scroll down to see the individuals or families who agreed to be listed on this website when they registered. (Not listed?)

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Individuals or families in other regions:

Participation totals:

individuals or families registered for the 2015 New Zealand ShakeOut

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Rachel Homer, Christchurch
Nicola Hunt, Rangiora
Jenni Hunter, Christchurch
Victoria Hurley, Fernside
Shirley Hyde, Christchurch
Tracey Hynes, Waimate
Rabia Ijaz, Christchurch
Family Jackson, Christchurch
Sue Jenkins, Lincoln
cherie johnson, ashburton
Chris Johnson, Timaru
Bernice Kilkelly, Christchurch
Johnny Knight, Christchurch
Rebecca Lambie, Ashburton
April Lander, Rangiora
Harriet Lane, Ashburton
Salinda Lekamge, Christchurch
Kamphon Loyda, Christchurch
David Maclure, Christchurch
Jacqui Marsden, Kaikoura
Margaret Mather, Waimate
Malin Mattsson, Christchurch
Brian Maye, Christchurch
Rachel McClung, Rangiora
Peter Mcgregor, christchurch
Anjana Mishra, Christchurch
Tony Morton, Waimate
Oliver Mould, Christchurch
Kim Munroe, Christchurch
Jill Newton, Ashburton
Jim Nguyen, Christchurch
Annie O'Brien, kaikoura
Kate O'Neill, Timaru
Sue Oelofse, Rolleston
Matthew Ohs, loburn
Stuart Noel Oliver, Southbridge
Carolyn Orr, Kaiapoi
Lisa Parlane, Christchurch
Stephen Penny, Christchurch
Andy Phillipson, Lincoln
Sonia Pollard, Christchurch
Dean Pounder, Christchurch
Patricia Pullin, Christchurch
Ruby Rapana, Christchurch
Hamish Rennie, RD3 Leeston
Ruth Rennie, ALBURY
Rebecca Roberts, Christchurch
Glen Rogers, Rakaia
Tai Sa, Ashburton
Mata Samatua, Christchurch
Mary Schmack, Ashburton
Robyn Searle, christchurch
Maggie Senior, Christchcurch
Lynley Shaw, Rolleston
Sharn Siataga, Timaru
Derek Skinner, Christchurch
Lee-Ann Smart, Waimate
Vanessa Solomon, Christchurch
Joanne Stevenson, Cheviot
Elsabe Steyn, Rolleston
sharleen stirling, North canterbury
Hilary Sutton, Christchurch
Meida Syah, Lincoln
Angela Tamou, Christchurch
Kaye Templeton, Christchurch
Kevin Tiffen, Waimate
John Tiffin, Christchurch
Aaron Tily, Ashburton
Aaron Tily, Ashburton
Lee Tomlinson, Leeston
Josephina van den Oort, Springfield
Karen Vander-Wal, Christchurch
Monica verwoerd, Christchurch
Lyn Vida, Christchurch
Trevor Wall, Darfield
Ian Watt, Christchurch
Lauree Welford, Rolleston
Sandy Williams, Rolleston
Jill Wilson, Waimate
Leeanne wilson, christchurch
Sarah Wilson, Christchurch
Heid Wood, Christchurch
Yan Zhou, Christchurch
Chatham Islands

Nicky Chamberlain, Chatham Islands
Rana Solomon, Chatham Islands
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